We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you our extensive selection of chandeliers. As Litfur Crystal Lighting, we have been manufacturing high quality chandeliers for over 20 years. Crystal Chandeliers. All of our fixtures are hand made in India by experienced craftsman for whom, making a chandelier is an art form that requires passion for detail, beauty and creativity. We want you to enjoy your chandeliers for many years to come .

To assure that, we only use the best quality materials and workmanship. To show you that we have 100 percent confidence in the quality of our chandeliers, we are giving you a 5 years warranty on our chandeliers and a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. To demonstrate the exceptional quality of our chandeliers, here is a brief description of how they are made:
The majority of our chandeliers are made in our own factory in Delhi India. The chandeliers are made in India. The base material is very important in the quality of a chandelier. We prefer brass because it has excellent casting, polishing and electro-plating properties. We only use steel in our chandeliers where strength is needed or it is impossible to use brass.
In the first step, brass is processed to make the parts of the chandelier. It is either cast by using molds that are hand made from high strength steel or stamped and spinned by hand in special lathes.